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From Invention to Patent: A Scientist and Engineer's Guide

From Invention to Patent: A Scientist and Engineer's Guide
English | ISBN: 1119125251 | 2018 | 344 pages | PDF | 22 MB

Invention and patents continues to be an important issue in technology and our global economy. Invention and Patenting provides a clear picture of how to be a prolific inventor, to understand patents, and the patent process. It provides an illuminating insight into the writing of invention disclosures to patents from the submission process to final drafts. The book shows how to communicate effectively with patent lawyers and patent examiners, teaching the language of legalese.

This book is unique in covering both the early invention process to final patent drafting to provide high quality patents in technologies.

Key features include:

How to become an inventor, how to invent, to what is invention;
How to write an invention disclosure to writing a patent;
Examples of utility, design, and plant patents;
How to prepare the background section, brief listing of figures, detailed description of the invention, claims, abstract to artwork;
Using patent search engines;
Writing independent and dependent claims;
Analyzing office actions of the US and European patent offices;
How to write an office action response and amending claims; and,
Examples of Office Action responses, preliminary amendments, to notice of allowance response;
Invention and Patenting is the first book by an engineer and inventor from a technologist s point of view. It is an essential reference for engineers and inventors. It is also useful for graduate and undergraduate students in technology and the sciences.
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